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A challenge coin holder is the perfect gift or award for anyone in the armed forces or law enforcement. Challenge coin holders are custom made with any logo with ease!

Challenge Coin Holder – The Perfect Gift

If you need the perfect gift for a friend, family member or spouse that is in the military or law enforcement a challenge coin holder is the answer. Why is it the perfect gift? The answer is simple, it’s perfect for the person who has everything. Members of the military and law enforcement earn challenge coins for completing tasks, tours of duty and achievement. Challenge coins are consistently earned so a central location for a proud display is needed. A challenge coin holder is the best way to proudly display these accomplishments.

How to Choose a Challenge Coin Holder

So now that we have identified the right gift to give, how do you pick it? Often times those purchasing the coin holders are not military or law enforcement themselves. Picking the right design or style can seem like a daunting task to those who have not served before. We make choosing easy at Wood Simply Made. Our online store is set up with a great selection of designs for all branches of the military and law enforcement. We also have coin holders ranging in size from 24 coins all the way to 96.

Ordering a Custom Challenge Coin Holder

Even though we provide a wide selection of timeless and popular designs, we love creating custom challenge coin holders as well. Our made to order coin holders can be made into the size and shape of any logo or design. Your imagination is the only limit. Often time we see insignias and other designs related to the particular unit the recipient serves in. This is a perfect and easy way to create a custom design. All you have to do it email us and with the image and we will take care of the rest!
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