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Challenge Coin Holders on Amazon are not made to the high standards we have here at Wood Simply Made. Every challenge coin holder we produce is made to order, solid wood, and created in out local Melbourne, Florida workshop.

Challenge Coin Holders on Amazon

At Wood Simply Made we make all of out challenge coin holders by hand. Recently, we have been noticing a lot of challenge coin holders on amazon and other platforms online. Here is what to look for when purchasing a challenge coin holder.


Many “wooden” challenge coin holders on Amazon are not solid wood. The construction consists of particle board and a thin faux wood finish. Why is this important? Because of the thin layer, they are prone to scratch and dent very easily. If they coin holder were to fall off a desk, they would be much more likely to snap. Because the nature of challenge coin holders is to display a coin collection, they are often taken out and passed around. There are coin holders being sold with a faux finish that will literally chip as you place coins in and take them out. This chipping spreads and ruins the holder.


Challenge coin holders on Amazon are not unique. Most do not offer any sort of customization which makes the holder itself far less personal. Because a challenge coin holder is so personal in nature, it makes sense to offer customization. We often see coin holders given as gifts. A personalized gift means so much more to the recipient than a run of the mill mass produced item. There are many ways we can customize a change coin holder because we produce them ourselves. We even offer coin holders in custom shapes so you imagination is the limit!

Made in the USA

Wood Simply Made believes in producing all of our items in the USA. We source our materials locally so we know the quality we are working with. This is important to us because we want to ensure your challenge coin holder will last a lifetime. Challenge coin holders on Amazon are mostly built in China. This lack of quality control means your coin holder will likely last a much shorter time.

Wood Simply Made

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