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It’s pretty safe to say most of us all know someone who is or has been in the military or law enforcement at some point in life. Serving our country is one of the most noble, and often unappreciated services to our country. Countless Americans serve to protect our freedom all over the world every single day. Military life allows for amazing relationships to be built with fellow service men and women that can last a lifetime. Our armed forces take great pride in what they do and often say it’s not just about protecting the country as a whole, but the men and women serving next to you. These bonds are strong and in turn so are the symbols and insignias our military units display and wear everyday. They are more than just insignias, they are proof of membership, loyalty and in some ways almost a family crest. One of the ways this pride is shown is through the use and display of Challenge Coins.Challenge Coins are used in the military to show membership or that milestones and tasks were accomplished. The men and women in the armed forces collect and display these coins with pride as they would medals earned for their service. That’s where Wood Simply Made comes in. We create beautiful, made to order challenge coin holders so the men and women of our armed forces and law enforcement can proudly display their accomplishments for the world to see. Every challenge coin holder we make is made to order with the finest locally sourced materials and artisan woodworking techniques Wood Simply Made is known for. We take pride in everything we make, but as an Air Force veteran myself, every time we make a new challenge coin holder it hits close to home. Need a custom logo, insignia or shape made for your challenge coin holder? No problem, contact us today so you can see how we can create the perfect gift for your loved ones.
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