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Wood Simply Made now has a small portion of their products in downtown Melbourne Fl in the new men’s store, Ethete for Men.

Downtown Melbourne Fl

You would not expect to find a woodworking shop in downtown Melbourne Fl. Those who have visited us know it can be loud, dusty and not ideal for a lot of walk in traffic because of the machinery. We are always looking for new ways for local customers to discover our product which can be a challenge. However we are now proud to say you can find a selection of our products in downtown Melbourne Fl!

Not Quite a Woodworking Shop

As you may have guessed, we have not moved downtown. Because of the issues we mentioned before, we doubt we would even be allowed to set up shop there. Even though our shop hasn’t moved, our products are located in another workshop and store, Ethete for Men. We are incredibly happy our products can now reach a new local audience and are located within a business that shares similar ideals. Ethete for Men also houses Native Sand’s leather workshop. Both concepts focus on USA sourced material, quality, and in house production.

Men’s Wooden Products

We do not have all of our made to order products located in downtown Melbourne Fl. To fit in with Ethete’s mens theme, we have curated some of our favorite products men love. For example, part of the current assortment you can find in store are cigar humidors, watch stands and business card holders. We plan to create some new products specifically for display in Ethete. We are excited to receive this new exposure that allows locals to touch and feel the quality of our work. So far, we have received great reviews.

Shop Small and Local

Wood Simply Made is a small locally owned, disabled veteran business. We are very grateful to be featured in another local business’s brick and mortar store, and encourage everyone to check them out. With the holidays quickly approach it’s important to shop small and support our amazing Space Coast Community.
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