Engraving Melbourne FL | When you are looking for the perfect customize gift, there is no better option than wood engraving!  We have the ability to create almost anything you can think of, even with an engraving!  We do produce wood challenge cooin holders, shadow boxes, and pet urns as standard, made to order products, but can make and engrave anything!

Engraving Melbourne FL – How It Works

We have invested in not one, but two industrial laser engraving machines.  These machines allows us to engrave with ease into a wooden surface.  Because they are lasers and precise, we can actually engrave photos onto wood with incredible accuracy and detail.  This is perfect for plaques and awards, as well signs and name badges.  We’re trained to use the software and create an amazing engraving every time!

Engraving on More Than Wood

Although we love engraving wooden items we make and customers bring in, we do have the ability to engrave on other substrates.  A popular item we engrave regularly are metal plaques.  These plaques can be adhered to a variety of items, but generally are attached to awards and trophies.  We have the ability to engrave on a lot of different materials, so if you want to know, just ask!  Sometimes it s easier to see the itm you would like to engrave, so just bring it down to our local shop so we can take a look!

engraving melbourne fl – the right choice

Just having the equipment and know how to engrave isn’t all that is needed for effective local engraving.  It’s important to work with a company you can trust to get te job done right the first time, and on time!  Many local engravers miss deadlines for projects which can have a huge impact on your gift or event.  We take every job seriously and make sure we deliver on the promises we make!

WoodSimplyMade is here to help

Make sure to follow our Facebook page and Contact Us with any questions you have!  We would be honored to help with any local engraving needs you have.  As veteran small business owners, we are here to serve you.  Next time you search online for “Engraving Melbourne FL” make sure to choose WoodSimplyMade!