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Even though we ship worldwide we are proud to offer local engraving services for everyone on the Space Coast.Wood Simply Made has been proudly located on the Space Coast since its conception and we love our local customers. Even though we are fortunate enough to have grown our presence online and ship items worldwide, we will never forget or ignore our roots here in Melbourne, Florida. We work with many local bases, organizations and companies such as Patrick Air Force Base, NASA and the Palm Bay Police Department to produce their custom engraved awards.
Many people don’t realize we create made to order wooden awards, plaques and other items until another local shop sends them our way for their custom request. Most other awards and trophy shops in the area simply order pre-made plastic or partially wooden components and offer limited customization with engraving of metal components. This means the awards will not look unique and are not as durable over time.Most wooden plaque cannot be engraved on because the nice wooden finish you are seeing is often times a synthetic covering over the main component, particle board. If you engrave through this layer the unfinished particle board is exposed and is not pleasing to the eye. An easy way to tell is to turn the award over and look where you would hang it on the wall. Generally you will see the exposed material under the finish and be able to tell the award itself is not solid wood.When we create a custom engraved award for any of our customers, it is always solid wood and built to your specific needs. New customers are surprised to see how great out pricing is compared to the traditional award shops. We are able to keep our pricing competitive because we produce everything in house and are not paying for components to be shipped to us. We work with solid wood, our own in house laser engraver and our years of artisan woodworking experience.
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