Military Coin Holders

Choosing to serve your country in any branch of the military is a major life decision that will forever alter one’s life.  From the moment you begin your training, you’re working your best to excel at all you do.  Regardless if a military member is deployed or not, the accomplishments achieved during even a four year enlistment are incredible.  There is no better way to commemorate the achievements than by displaying them on military coin holders.

Military Coin Holders – Why Quality Matters

When you search online for “Military Coin Holders” today, you will see thousands of results.  This is largely in part due to overseas manufacturing from places such as China.  Low quality items are made in bulk to be sold on third party sites like amazing.  These coin holders are made from pressed wood and have finishes that will wear quickly.  When you are displaying your life’s achievements, you deserve better.

We take great pride in producing all of our Military Coin Holders locally in our shop on the Space Coast. We only use the best materials to ensure your coin holder will look amazing for years to come.  Our artisan process includes using solid wood to hand craft each individual order we received – making each truly unique.  We believe that our customers only deserves the best, which is why we do not mass produce items.

Customizing a Military Coin Holder

The other advantage of purchasing a made to order military coin holder is it can be customized how you see fit.  We have the ability to engrave names and images on coin holders, or even work with a custom item or emblem you may have.   We always say if you can think it, we probably can make it!  Because so many people will see this coin display, it’s an extra bonus to have one that is truly built to suit you, your achievements, and character.

Unique Options and Customizations

Because we are expert woodworkers, we have the ability to create almost anything you would like for you military coin holder.  Oftentimes we have customers who will ship us an item to customize, or have an elaborate design in mind that is not offered on our website. No matter what you idea, we can help bring it to life.  If you would like to see more of our customer work, check out our portfolio page for more examples.


Make sure to follow our Facebook page and Contact Us with any questions you have!  We would be honored to help you bring your idea to life.  As veteran small business owners, we are here to serve you!

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