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Military Coin Holders are the perfect gift for that special service man or woman. Wood Simply Made produces the best quality military coin holders. All of our items are made to order in the United States.

Military Coin Holders

We are grateful for those who serve in our armed forces. Although the country has come a long way in thanking the members of the armed forces for their service, as a civilian you might not totally understand what that means. There are so many accomplishments, large and small, that service members achieve everyday. Having military coin holders are a way to display those accomplishments proudly.

Box Vs Military Coin Holder

When choosing a gift for a service member it’s important to remember that the items they have collected are essentially memories. This holds true particularly with challenge coins. Each coin represents an accomplishment, a tour of duty, a visit to a base, and so much more. They should be proudly displayed for others to see. This way the service member can easily remember everything they have accomplished. We do offer a hand made wood box, but our design comes with an added bonus. The top of the box itself can display challenge coins when closed. This option is perfect for someone who has other mementos they would like to store, but display their challenge coins at the same time.

The Perfect Gift

Choosing a military coin holder as a gift is an excellent choice. Often times we see family members or loved ones purchase our products because the service member won’t buy one for themselves. We love orders like this because we know the gift is going to mean so much to the recipient. A military coin holder is something that will be kept for the rest of their life. We take the responsibility of creating these heirloom quality gifts very seriously. All of our military coin holders are main from real wood in our Melbourne Florida shop. We source our material locally so we know we are working with the best quality around.

Wood Simply Made

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