Pet Urns

It’s never easy to lose a pet.  Our pets are extensions of our families.  They live with us day in and day out, and each have their own unique personalities.  When they do pass, it’s important to remember them as they were, with all of the amazing memories you shared together.  To help do this, many times pet owners want a pet urn to help remember their furry friend.  There are so many options for pet urns on the market today, so how do you choose?

Wooden Pet Urns – Timeless design

The first challenge you will run into when trying to choose the right pet urn, is deciding the material you should have it made from.  There are a lot of options – stone, metal, composites, and of course wood.  Wood is unique in the sense that i never goes out of style.  This is important because you will likely want to have your pet urn in a very visible spot in your home.  No matter what type of decor you have, a wooden pet urn will always fit in.

Quality Wood pet urns, Made in the USa

Our pet urns are made from solid wood right her eon the Space Coast in Florida.  We do not outsource our items, and  each urn is made to order.  Using solid wood to make pet urns is important.  You want to make sure this urn last forever.  Pressed wood and other lower quality imports may expand and contract based on the temperatures and humidity levels.  Because the options are much thinner and not solid wood, this will eventually lead to cracking and the urn falling apart. 

Customized pet urns for your and your beloved pet

Wooden pet urns are an excellent choice because they also ca be customized.  We can use your favorite picture of your pet and engrave it right on the urn itself with amazing detail.  We also can inscribe words and symbols with ease.  No matter what you would like on your pet urn, we can help make that happen.  And because each urn is made to order, you can rest easy that your urn is one of kind, just like your pet was.

WoodSimplyMade is here to help

Make sure to follow our Facebook page and Contact Us with any questions you have!  We would be honored to help remember your beloved pet for years to come.  As veteran small business owners, we are here to serve you!

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