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There is a resurgence of customers wanting and expecting quality over quantity, and Millennials are at the forefront. So much has changed how we as consumers purchase items in our country over the last 50 years. “Mom and Pop” has been replaced by “Big Box” or “Online” and a store being out of stock of essential everyday items is an antiquated concept. If you read our last blog you’ll know I like to shop small whenever possible but i’ll be honest – resisting free Amazon Prime delivery is an everyday struggle. What about the non essential items? I’m happy to say we see a huge resurgence of quality made items, even produced in the United states. From razors to bags, shoes to watches, it seems there is a market for great quality items, even if the price tag is just a little higher. Quality items can still be mass produced, but are born from a place of passion and live in a world of oversight and quality checks.Society at large tends to give Millennials a bad wrap but from what we see they know understand quality versus quantity. This up and coming generation seem to hark back to the days of our grandparents where the quality of goods produced in your neighborhood store meant something and the items they purchase and use somehow speak to their character. It’s refreshing to see and we’re happy to be part of this movement.Everything we make in our Space Coast based workshop is produced by an actual person, not on a robotic assembly line. This gives us the opportunity to see and feel every item we make from the time it arrives as locally sourced, raw material to the point of being packaged and picked up by USPS. We take pride in making everything from wooden challenge coin holders and custom awards to wooden name tags and clocks. We love what we do and it shows in the quality of our artisan, made to order wooden products.The terms “quality”, “made to order” or “custom” do not have to be synonymous with “expensive”, “slow” or “difficult”. Although all of our items are custom made each and every time a customer places an order on our Etsy Store or website, we get them built efficiently without sacrificing quality and shipped out within just a few days. It’s the perfect mix of technology and good old fashion artisan woodworking techniques. Just send us an email with your special request and we can help make your idea become reality quickly without breaking the bank. So remember when someone is talking about quality over quantity they aren’t old fashioned, they are simply ahead of their time.
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