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Shopping at small, local businesses now can be done from anywhere in the world and it’s never been more important to support them. When I started what would eventually become my company, Wood Simply Made, I never considered what that really meant. I knew people loved my made to order wooden pieces and I loved to make them. We started small and as orders kept coming in we outgrew our garage and needed our own space. In many ways, my customers helped create what we are today as much as my vision did. I think this is a common theme with many small business owners. We know what we are passionate about, we know we are great at what we do and we know we want to do it. In your early stages of business however, most of us miss how important that really is to our community and our country.
According to the Small Business Administration there are over 28 million small businesses currently operating in the United States. An even more staggering statistic is that since 1995, small businesses have accounted for more than 66% of all new job created in our country. In other words, small business is powering our economy and country by creating jobs for people in our communities. I never considered these facts when I started Wood Simply Made here on the beautiful Space Coast but now we have a full time employee and, after a very busy holiday season, it looks like we will need at least one more sometime in 2017. It’s an exciting time to be a small business. Technology now allows us to reach anyone worldwide. Using digital platforms such as an Etsy Store, Facebook and our own website, we have satisfied thousands of orders worldwide. What’s even better is where that money goes. According to Civil Economics 48% of each purchase from a small, local business is circulated back into the community versus only 14% of a purchase from a big box retailer. That makes a huge difference locally considering how many small businesses are in the area. When we sell an item online outside of the Space Coast that’s money being brought into our community making our local economy that much stronger.A lot has changed over the years at Wood Simply Made. We’re part of not only our community here in Florida, but part of a community of small businesses worldwide. With every order we produce and ship we are satisfying a customer’s need and making our community stronger. When you buy from a small business, either locally or online, you’re helping a small business owner realize their dream and make a local community better. Once a year our country really focuses on “shopping small” after our largest shopping day of the year, Black Friday. I contend that if we all did our part and choose to shop small everyday, whether locally or online, we could significantly impact our amazing and diverse community here on the Space Coast and those of countless others all over the globe.
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