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An update on the Marine Corps Veteran who is planning his own funeral that this wonderful community has come together to support.As many of you know, several months ago a Marine Corps veteran came into our Melbourne, Fl shop to special order items for his own funeral. I was profoundly impacted by his story and set off to make sure the community knew about his sacrifice. To get up to speed on the full story, check out part one and part two of our ongoing blog entries. The Go Fund Me campaign was set up and launched on social media so the community could help us support this hero.I am excited to say that within 48 hours of our Go Fund Me campaign being created, we met our goal of $400! I was so moved by the many generous donations and comments from the members of our community. The campaign was shared all over social media, reaching many parts of the country. We received donations from all over, truly showing how supportive our group is! The $400 that was raised would cover the glass and other non wooden items needed to complete his order. Now it was my turn to get to work creating it.I reached out to the Marine to let him know we would be starting on his order, and to let him know there would be no out of pocket cost to him. After several attempts I was unable to get ahold of him. Although I was worried, I knew we needed to complete his order as quickly as possible. We began work on his uniform case. This piece will be used to display his dress blues at the funeral. It was the largest item in the project and also involved the non wooden materials we needed which is why I decided we start here first. We always create each made to order item from our shop with care, but I wanted to make sure this project was beyond perfect.As you can see from the attached picture, we achieved our goal! After over a week of trying to get in touch with the Marine, he finally came back into our shop. He explained he hand been back in the hospital and it was clear to see his health was deteriorating. Back in our shop, I explained to him what we had done to fund his order and how supportive the community had been as a whole. The Marine was completely overjoyed that we and the community would care enough about him to go to such lengths to make sure he was taken care of. Seeing the tears well up in his eyes as he thanked us was one of the most moving experiences in my life that I certainly will never forget. We will be updating everyone soon with the progression of his order and new details as they emerge.
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