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Customer service can seemingly have many definitions in today’s marketplace both online and in store. Learn what it means to us.
There are few phrases that are seemingly so open to interpretation as these two simple words – “Customer Service”. In many cases it seems like customer service to many companies means offering an 800 number to call which is answered by an automated system, not a person. If you are really determined and hit “0” enough times you might be able to get to a real person, though they generally can’t answer your question or resolve your issue. Thankfully many businesses, especially locally on the Space Coast still offer world class, hassle free customer service.Wood Simply Made is essentially an extension of myself, it’s my passion realized in physical form. Being personally involved in every order we receive is a responsibility I take incredibly seriously and we always make sure our customers are satisfied. No matter what the request, question or concern is we respond to everyone. We make sure we can be reached through our website, social media and yes, even on the phone.At Wood Simply Made our customer service starts with our design. Every item we offer on our website and Etsy store is designed to last a lifetime. We craft every order we receive when we receive it, never in advance. This allows us to control the quality from production to shipping, allowing each step in our artisan woodworking process being checked along the way. Your hand crafted item starts as raw material then is produced in our workshop before it is packaged and shipped after our final inspections. By offering custom made products of great quality we remove the need for customer’s to be concerned with ordering from us.As we talked about in our previous blog, you can now shop local globally thanks to technology. This means many of our customers don’t get to meet us in person or see our shop before they order our product. We do our best to describe every item as accurately as we can but often times customers still have questions or special requests. Because everything is made to order we can easily handle and love getting requests for unique items (see some examples in our portfolio) and encourage customers to contact us. No matter what the question or concern, we can take care of it for you.We rely on our customers to make Wood Simply Made successful. Many of our customers are referrals because of the great experience others had with us. As we continue to grow each year we never lose sight of what’s really important – Keeping our new and existing customers happy by being reachable, professional and offering only lifetime quality made to order wooden items.
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