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Presenting an individual or group an award for outstanding performance is even better when it’s custom made.Many of our customers know Wood Simply Made because we make hand crafted, made to order Challenge Coin Holders for those in the military, law enforcement or just have coins to display. Our American Flag Challenge Coin Holder (which is also available for Police Officers and Fire Fighters) is certainly a core item but we do so much more in our Space Coast Workshop. Custom, made to order awards are another product we offer.Why awards? Many plaques and awards sold today are made out of wood so it seemed like a natural fit for our business. In our early days it wasn’t something we offered but as the requests kept coming in we decided to embrace the demands from our already loyal customers and create some standard templates for people to choose from. All of our awards are still made to order and from scratch in our Melbourne Florida workshop, we do not start with plaque blanks like many other custom engravers in the area. We take pride in every item being produced in our shop and custom awards are no exception.Although we do offer several standard option for our awards, we can build an award to customer specifications. Many of our awards are used on military bases both locally and around he world. We have the ability to produce a single award or hundreds based on the request. Often times once a customer creates an order we keep the template so we can change the names and details to fit the customer’s ongoing needs.
Although we say it almost every time we post a new article, we take pride in our work with everything we do. Custom awards are in many ways more personal and mean that much more to us. We have completed awards and other custom engraving for everything from military promotions to a soldier’s memorial who didn’t make it home. Being a veteran myself, these awards hit close to home and we take special care with each and everyone. We do awards for corporations and the private sector as well. One of our favorites is pictured at the top of the article, awards we created for Amtrack. As you can see we not only can make beautiful custom wooden awards, we can integrate your own personal touches as well. No matter what you need your custom award to look like we can handle it. Contact us today to learn more about how we can bring you idea to life.
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