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Wood Simply Made wasn’t always the well polished designs you see today. The first prototype was more humble in design.As you may have assumed from some of our previous blogs, I didn’t start Wood Simply Made by way of some master plan knowing it would grow into what it is today. I didn’t sit down to write a business plan or develop a list of items I thought would sell well. At the time I just knew I was pleased with the progress I had made woodworking in my garage during my spare time. I had no way of knowing the first challenge coin display I ever made for myself would help shape the the future.Being a retired Air Force veteran I had collected my fair share of challenge coins and wanted a neat, clean, and elegant way to display them. Given my passion for creating items using the skills I had developed woodworking, it seemed natural to build a challenge coin display myself. I briefly planned it out and began working on my latest creation, still oblivious of how important this simple project I completed in my spare time would become.
After a few days of trying different cuts and configurations, I finally had my first challenge coin display. Admittedly, my first attempt is nowhere near as polished as our current collection of challenge coin displays, though at the time I couldn’t be more proud. My first display was not made from a single piece of wood as they are now, but rather separate pieces I joined together. Even the Air Force logo wasn’t correct, but I didn’t care, I was pleased with my crafting and even brought it to work with me to place on my desk.Within just a few days of me proudly setting up my display, a co-worker came by and began to admire my work. After a brief conversation he asked if he could purchase it from me as he too had several challenge coins he would like to display. A bit shocked someone would want something I had created, I eagerly sold it to him knowing I could just make another. In that moment, Wood Simply Made was born.
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